EPPIC release - 2.3.0 r284

New EPPIC release is available for download.

Version 2.3.0 allows the users to define and analyze the new ezair options.

Additional features and improvements:

  • Auto-Crop capability: This option is used to improve the parallelism in distributed runs by allowing users to split large zones automatically to match the desired block size. The option is located in the 'Solver Panel'
  • Threshold Function: Users may now set a threshold function during their post-processing analysis to hide any regions where the selected variable is outside of the given range.
  • Major speedup while loading large simulations and exporting input file.

The files are avalilable for download from our website.

Log-in is required to acquire access to the files.

The download is located in private files section.

Please download and apply the licenses archive as well.   

Do not forget to log-out if accessing from a public computer.