New EZAir release - 4.59

The new release contains accumulated improvements and bug fixes, including, but not limited to:

  • New variants of the Spalart-Allmaras (SA) and SST turbulence models
  • Forced transition model via restriction of turbulence source terms to specific regions
  • Improved compressibility corrections for SST and TNT turbulence models
  • Analytic-flux-based Jacobians
  • Single formation movement fast Chimera optimization
  • New strategy for "logic interpolation"
  • Shock-based damping of implicit schemes for enhanced stability near shocks
  • Option to link mass flow boundary conditions
  • Improved multigrid
    • Full multigrid (FMG) initialization
    • Defect correction
    • Positivity-preserving prolongation
    • Support for chimera grids
  • Added option to reduce sweeps in Gauss-Seidel implicit schemes
  • First-order-accurate (temporal) dual-time marching

A matching version of EPPIC is released as well. 

Do take the time to go over the "-new" option and check all the changes, note any changes in default values of parameters.

Note that the updated manual is included in the distribution. Please circulate between the users.

The files are available for download from our website.

Log-in is required to acquire access to the files.

The download is located in the private files section.

Do not forget to log-out if accessing from a public computer.