New EPPIC release - 3.0.0 r668

Version 3.0,0 (build 668) of the  EPPIC pre- and post-processing application is available for download.
The focus of this current EPPIC release is on extending the support to additional modules, improving its efficiency, and introducing additional post-processing tools:

  • Modular Interface EPPIC is no longer an exclusive interface for the EZAIR solver. It includes multiple modules and support for a variety of CFD solvers within a unified graphical interface.
  • Arion Module A new ‘Arion’ module is integrated into EPPIC. This module supports the users during the preparation of the input file that is required for Arion simulations - from boundary condition definition up to the solver parameters. This module also allows users to run and monitor their Arion simulations from within the EPPIC interface. Future development will include post-processing capabilities of Arion CFD results.
  • PLOT3D Module The Plot3D module allows to read any PLOT3D grid files, Q Files, and function files. Once read into EPPIC, the user may use all of the post-processing capabilities that are available in EPPIC to analyze the results.
  • Binary Files Starting from r668, EPPIC no longer stores the simulations data using database files. Instead, each simulation is saved separately within a single binary file (.eppic). Users may append multiple binary files into a new simulation, or create a copy of the binary file in order to duplicate a given simulation. Additionally, any global.log file written by the latest EZAIR version may be imported into the EPPIC simulation. Once loaded, EPPIC can be used to generate the corresponding EZAir input file.
  • Advanced Post-Processing Multiple post-processing capabilities requested by the users are introduced in the current EPPIC release. Users may now calculate the force integration and distribution along any physical coordinate, without any limitation to the mesh topology.

The files are avalilable for download from our website in the EPPIC download secion.

This release requires an RLM license, floating or node-locked, EPPIC RLM package is available for download along with EPPIC.
License requests  should be sent to, including type of the licnese and RLM hostid.