New EPPIC release - 3.1.0-110

Version 3.1.0 (build 110) of the EPPIC pre- and post-processing application is available for download.
The focus of this current EPPIC release is on improving its efficiency and introducing additional post-processing tools:

  • Streamlines A new post-processing feature has been added to EZAir's post-processing module. Users can now visualize the flow's streamlines.
  • Unstructured BC Display Arion post-processing module can read CGNS plot files. This is a work-in-progress feature, currently only display of boundary surfaces can be created.

The files are avalilable for download from our website in the EPPIC download secion.

This release requires an RLM license, floating or node-locked, EPPIC RLM package is available for download along with EPPIC.
License requests  should be sent to, including type of the licnese and RLM hostid.